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Design & Renovate

Design & Renovate

Design & Installation

When it comes to the design and installation of indoor and outdoor fireplaces, we at Louisville Fireplace Company can address your specific needs.

We have designed and built some of Kentucky’s most stunning fireplaces and our creations are almost everywhere – homes, restaurants, offices, hotels. In fact, we are among the most preferred contractors offering professional fireplace design and installation services at affordable rates.

Sensible Fireplace Design

Not anyone with knowledge of the basics of design can automatically create a sensible fireplace design. Our company fortunately has talented and dedicated designers who have taken on some of the most challenging design ideas from our valued clients and successfully translated them into vivid and intelligent designs.

With each project, the people in our creative team carefully brainstorms among themselves on the best fireplace design applicable based on your existing theme. Whether you want a traditional wood-fired or an electrical fireplace with clean appeal and sleek design, we guarantee to capture your ideas and use them in our design plan.

Aside from the theme, we also choose the best materials to be used according to your preferences and budget. Such considerations are vital in every fireplace design because materials can dictate how your fireplace will work and how much you will have to spend to have it built. The materials we will use will also include safety features like screens and chimney exhaust system to avert any trouble that may occur.

Expert Fireplace Installation

Design & Renovate

Without an expert fireplace installation, a great fireplace design will remain just a theoretical masterpiece. Fortunately for our Kentucky clients, we have the skilled manpower, tools and equipment, and access to premium materials that altogether allow us to build indoor and outdoor fireplaces of exceptional beauty, functionality, and sturdiness.

Our fireplace installation services include both residential and commercial properties. We only use premium materials such as natural stones (particularly granite and marble), or concrete blocks for the outer designs and primarily, bricks for the interior parts. We can also work on pre-built fireplaces for property owners who want fast and easy installation. They can choose whatever design and feature they want because we have a long list of premium fireplaces from our trusted suppliers.

Using our proprietary building techniques, we meticulously follow even the smallest details of the fireplace’s design with the supervision of a seasoned master builder. The results are always guaranteed to make our clients fully satisfied and pleased with our creation.

Hire Us for Your Fireplace Design and Installation Needs

When it comes to fireplace design and installation, it pays to be working with certified professionals with a sterling track record. With us, you’re assured of the highest level of dedication and attention to details, resulting in fireplaces that are as beautiful as they are functional. And since we only use the best materials available to us, we are also able to build fireplaces that can last for decades without needing any major repair.

So if you want to get the best-quality fireplace possible, call us. We will be more than pleased to work with you and answer all your fireplace design and installation concerns.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in KY:
  • Louisville, KY
  • St Matthews, KY
  • Middletown, KY
  • La Grange, KY
  • Shelbyville, KY
  • Jeffersontown, KY
  • Prospect, KY
  • Mt Washington, KY
  • Pendleton, KY
  • Deer Park, KY
  • Hillview, KY
  • Shepherdsville, KY

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