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Electrical Fireplaces

Electrical Fireplaces

Fireplaces are ubiquitous in many homes in Kentucky and elsewhere in the country. Aside from their functional benefits, they are also highly preferred for their decorative merits that help make even the simplest indoor or outdoor setting extra special. And when it comes to options, you can have electrical fireplaces as your pick for their wonderful benefits that you and your family or guests will appreciate and enjoy.

Benefits of Electrical Fireplaces

Electrical fireplaces are fairly new as compared to gas and wood-fired fireplaces that have long been available. However, fireplaces that use electricity are no slouch when it comes to the benefits that they can provide to users. These are what you stand to enjoy when you settle for an electrical fireplace:

  • Easy assembly. Unlike the traditional brick fireplaces that can be painstakingly difficult to build, an electrical fireplace can be up and functioning in just a day or two. This means paying for lesser man hours and getting to enjoy your fireplace in no time.

  • Various designs and sizes. Since electrical fireplaces are basically factory-made, you can have dozens of options to choose from. Whether you want the wall mount or the free-standing models, it won’t be a problem. You could also choose from three traditional sizes such as 36”, 42”, and 60” to fit your needs and taste.

    Electrical Fireplaces
  • Portability. One of the biggest draws of an electrical fireplace model is that it can be small and light enough to be moved around as you please. This means that you have it in your living room one time and then in your kitchen on another.

  • Ease of maintenance. Unlike the wood burning fireplace that needs periodic cleaning or the gas model that requires regular check-up by a certified installer, an electrical fireplace is essentially maintenance-free. In fact, it only needs to be serviced when a wiring gets damaged or busted. Other than that, it can stand on its own.

  • Quick heat source. One big reason why many property owners prefer an electric fireplace is that you only have to plug it in to enjoy realistic warmth from an artificial fire. This is quite the opposite with wood burning fireplaces that needs some preparation like chopping wood or lighting up before you can finally get a fire going.

Expert Electrical Fireplace Services

We can work on built-in and plug-in models of electric fireplaces depending on your home design and theme. All of our electrical fireplaces are guaranteed top notch as we source them only from our most trusted partner suppliers.

We have dedicated personnel who can handle the installation of your chosen electrical fireplace, be it for indoor or outdoor use. Our people are trained and certified to install such fire features so you’re guaranteed to have a properly working fireplace every time.

Additionally, we provide expert support services once your unit is installed. We can perform necessary repairs or maintenance procedures according to your specific needs. Our rates are also affordable and we can also offer you flexible prices to suit your budget.

Just call Louisville Fireplace Company today and let us install your dream electrical fireplaces.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in KY:
  • Louisville, KY
  • St Matthews, KY
  • Middletown, KY
  • La Grange, KY
  • Shelbyville, KY
  • Jeffersontown, KY
  • Prospect, KY
  • Mt Washington, KY
  • Pendleton, KY
  • Deer Park, KY
  • Hillview, KY
  • Shepherdsville, KY

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