Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves

At Louisville Fireplace Company, we specialize in providing premium quality gas stoves that can provide our clients’ specific heating requirements. Whether you’re just a typical homeowner who needs the warmth and comfort these fire features provide or a homeowner who’s after aesthetics and elegance, we can surely provide the stove that you need and desire.

Gas Stoves that We Install

Different heating requirements call for specific types and designs of gas stoves; and we know just what type of gas stove is perfect for our Kentucky clients. We have stoves that can meet the different heating requirements of homes or offices. Our entry level stoves are perfect for small areas with up to 900 sq. ft. of space while our medium and large sized stoves can heat areas of up to 1300 sq. ft.

Moreover, our top of the line gas stoves have excellent heating efficiency and heat retention capacity. They also have cost saving features such as 50% heat/flame adjustment, convenient electronic ignition, thermostat, and gas control system. With these great features, our clients are assured of safe and cost-efficient heating products installed in their properties.

Gas Stove Consideration

Gas Stoves

There are factors that we always consider when recommending gas stoves to our valued clients. We always base our recommendation to what our clients’ heating requirements are, as well as their specific preferences. Accordingly, these are the specific gas stove considerations that we have:

  • Fuel type.  Gas stoves use different kinds of gas. The most common fuel type is natural gas, which is supplied by the main gas company through a network of pipes that go straight to homes and commercial establishments. Another fuel type that is commonly used is the liquefied petroleum gas or LPG.

  • Position.  It’s important for us to know just exactly where you want your gas stove placed. If you want it on a fixed area, we can create a built-in gas stove. If you want mobility, we can provide you with a portable stove that you can take wherever you please.

  • Features.  Our gas stoves have features that will certainly meet your needs and preferences. Some models can be operated using a remote control for your total convenience. You can also choose the type of materials for these heating installations. We have stoves made of cast iron and premium steel.

  • Design needs.  We also need to know your specific design requirements – whether you want something simple and elegant or something fancy and sophisticated. If your home has a modern theme, we recommend having a stainless steel gas stove; for a more upbeat and sophisticated theme, a gas stove with edgier design and color will be just perfect.

Trust in the Stove Experts

We know gas stoves like the back of our hands. Our decades of combined experience have taught us to determine the best gas stove type and model for our clients’ specific needs. If you want to be sure that you’ll get the best benefits from the stove that you’ll buy, call us. We will help you zero in on the perfect stove type and install the same for your convenience.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in KY:
  • Louisville, KY
  • St Matthews, KY
  • Middletown, KY
  • La Grange, KY
  • Shelbyville, KY
  • Jeffersontown, KY
  • Prospect, KY
  • Mt Washington, KY
  • Pendleton, KY
  • Deer Park, KY
  • Hillview, KY
  • Shepherdsville, KY

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