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Grill Accessories

Grill Accessories

Cooking using open heat is practiced worldwide, but the Kentuckian versions of barbecuing and grilling are more than just kitchen routines—they are also one of the state’s identifiers of cultural tradition. Whether it is poultry, pork, or most especially mutton, grilling the Kentucky way is iconic. This is one reason why grills and barbecue spits are quite common in the Southern state’s usual household cooking and during fairs and communal events.

We at Louisville Fireplace Company believe that the best grill accessories and tools must be used for such grilling needs. Your grilling experience matter to us, so we only recommend high-quality products to ensure your grilling experience will be fun.

Grill Accessories for Great Food

These food-preparation products would give your fish, poultry, beef, pork, or lamb the culinary handling they deserve. Accordingly, these are the grill accessories that we offer and their functional applications:

  • Marinating vegetables and meats takes hours, but an instant marinator will flavor your food with the herbs and sauces within minutes.
  • Hate hard, chewy meat? The meat tenderizer (in mallet, masher, and roller designs) ensures that eating your steak won’t be like gnawing leather.
  • Meat presses are handy in making patties and preventing meat from curling. Stuffed-burger presses are good, too, for adding fillings to your patties.Grill Accessories
  • A grill humidifier keeps your meat deliciously moist. We recommend this for high-heat cooking, such as in gas and charcoal grills.
  • Afraid that your meat overcooks? Let the meat thermometer do the job! The device has features that allow you to choose the meat type and how you like it cooked. It also signals if the meat must be flipped or is cooked already.

Accessories for the Flame

The gas grill is the most common type of backyard grill since it offers more convenient cooking, aside from the fact that gas is affordable. We suggest using gas tanks (available in different sizes), which are safe and efficient containers for propane or natural gas used in grilling.

If you want a fire-burnt flavor for your meat, we suggest using charcoal or pellet grills. Here are other great grill accessories for such cooking preference:

  • Grill briquettes burn longer and cleaner and spread heat efficiently. Both the regular wood charcoal and the much-preferred coconut charcoal briquettes are available.
  • For that distinctive smoky taste, use wood chips and chunks. These grill pellets are great for giving your grilled food the desired aroma of nicely cooked meat.
  • Grill rocks give your briquettes and pellets extra heat for high-temperature grilling—plus they’re reusable and long-lasting.

Grill Amenities for Cooking

Grill Accessories

Tongs, spatulas, forks, knives, and brushes are among the wide range of grill accessories that would make your grilling time more efficient and fun. Among the specialized accessories that we can recommend for our clients are the following:

  • Grilling mitt and apron
  • Warming racks
  • Grill basket
  • Rotisseries
  • Grill thermometer

Complete Grill Accessories

Whether you are making burger patties for a family get-together, cooking fresh fish you just caught in an outdoor camping, or simply craving for the smoky taste of grilled food, Louisville Fireplace Company is ready to provide all of your grilling needs. Contact us to get these grill accessories and so much more for your ultimate cooking enjoyment!

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