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Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance & Repairs

Ensuring that your fireplaces are well-maintained and free of defects is vital to continue enjoying their benefits. It will also guarantee your safety from accidental fire caused by defective fireplace parts. And when it comes to fireplace maintenance and repairs, we at Louisville Fireplace Company are the best ones you can find in Louisville and neighboring areas in Kentucky. With our reliable services, you’ll have peace of mind because all problems are addressed before they become safety hazards.

Common Fireplace Problems

While Kentucky has a moderate climate, it does have abundant rainfall. This means that there are lots of cold days and nights that could necessitate not just artificial heat but natural one – like from a fireplace. However, it’s given that old fireplaces do suffer from some common problems, which effectively renders them inoperable or unusable. These are the most common fireplace problems that we encounter when we handle maintenance and repairs:

  • Back puffing. This problem is perhaps one of the most common and most annoying ones that you can possibly encounter, especially if you have a wood-fired fireplace. Back puffing is when your fireplace lets smoke into your room and not straight into the chimney. While the smoke may be odorless, the carbon monoxide that it produces is considered lethal when inhaled in large volume. With such problem, we usually install smoke guards and weatherproof exhaust fans to help such smoke up into the chimney top.

  • Defective pilot light. For gas fireplaces, damaged pilot lights mean that the fireplace won’t turn on. Accordingly, we check the valve and gas tank for any issues; if there’s none, we inspect the pilot light to determine if it is already busted. If it is, then we simply replace it with a better quality one. We also perform a careful inspection of other fireplace parts.

  • Gas leakage. Leaking gas is one of the most explosive problems you can face – literally. In an enclosed environment, gas leakage can lead the whole place to explode or burn accidentally. To prevent this, we could check your gas fireplace for leaking parts and to immediately replace such.

  • Defective burner. If your fireplace’s burner won’t turn on, it may have a weak wiring or a weak voltage supply. In such case, we will just install a new wiring system to fix the problem and get your fireplace burning in no time.

Maintenance & Repairs

Our Advantages

Doing fireplace maintenance and repairs are no small tasks. But the great thing about hiring professional like us is that we have different approaches in addressing issues and problems. We can provide efficient solutions that are based on our deep understanding of fireplaces.

We can work on different types of fireplaces – indoor and outdoor, and gas, wood, or electrical type. If you have problems on the mantel, bricks, and other parts of your fireplace, we can also address them and get them fixed the soonest possible time. Additionally, we can perform periodic maintenance and general check-up of your fireplace. This will allow us to pinpoint problems and to suggest and perform modes of action to avert any untoward incident.

So if you have any concerns regarding fireplace maintenance and repairs, please contact us immediately. We will be happy to visit your property and evaluate your concern before doing any repair or maintenance task.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in KY:
  • Louisville, KY
  • St Matthews, KY
  • Middletown, KY
  • La Grange, KY
  • Shelbyville, KY
  • Jeffersontown, KY
  • Prospect, KY
  • Mt Washington, KY
  • Pendleton, KY
  • Deer Park, KY
  • Hillview, KY
  • Shepherdsville, KY

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