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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

The outdoor living trend seems to be the frenzy among homeowners nowadays. For people who love to grill or entertain guests, outdoor kitchens are the fail-proof solutions. These outdoor living amenities allow you to involve your family or guests in food preparation or to share stories with them while you cook. Moreover, there is just something about preparing meals and eating them outdoors that gives each family member or visitor a special kind of enjoyment.

But there could be cases when homeowners like you hardly experience these wonderful things. One possible reason is that the kitchen may not have the right features or amenities that you need. If you have the same problem, let Louisville Fireplace Company help you.

We can design and build a new outdoor kitchen or remodel an existing one. Our company creates functional and stunning outdoor kitchens based on our clients’ needs and desires. No matter how small or big, simple or elaborate an outdoor kitchen would be, we make sure that each one gets completed with exceptional results. Our work isn’t done unless our clients say it’s done.

Design and Building Options

Just like indoor types, outdoor kitchens are built with a variety of materials. Since these amenities will be installed outdoors, we only use sturdy materials like concrete, bricks, natural stone, steel, and hardwood. This is to ensure that the kitchen will be able to survive extreme weather conditions and external damages.

With regards to design, our team of creative designers can create rustic, traditional, or modern outdoor kitchen themes. You just have to tell us your preferences so that we can incorporate them into our design plan.

Maximize Outdoor Kitchens with Useful Features

Outdoor Kitchens

The trend in outdoor cooking has reached a whole new level. Today, almost all features of indoor kitchens can be found in outdoor kitchens. Here are some amenities that we usually recommend or add when designing and building kitchen for our Louisville clients:

  • Countertops and tables.  These are necessary for food preparation as well as for serving cooked foods.

  • Kitchen appliances.  For your outdoor kitchen to be more functional, we can add a refrigerator, an oven, and other appliances. This will cut your prepping time in half because everything you need is readily accessible.

  • Storage areas.  Cabinets and drawers are very important in outdoor kitchens. They make your kitchen organized and looking clean. If you want something fancier, we can add wine cabinets, large garbage bins, and more.

  • Beverage center.  Often, we spend time outdoors during hot and humid days. In such times, a beverage center can be a welcome sight. There can be a mini bar, a wine cooler, or a blender and some fresh fruits.

Outdoor Kitchens at Their Finest

If you love to entertain guests in your backyard or if you simply want a dedicated area for grilling, then allow us to build you outdoor kitchens. You can now grill and smoke food without having to worry about the nasty odor getting trapped inside your house. Moreover, you won’t have to keep running in and out of the house just to prepare your meals.

We know how enjoyable it is to spend quality time outdoors so we only provide products and services that will enhance your outdoor living experience. After remodeling or building your outdoor kitchen, you can surely have a more convenient and comfortable space in your backyard.

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